How to play the Teen Patti cash game online?

What is Teen Patti cash game online?

Teen Patti Cash Game Online is a card game. It is primarily played in southern parts of Asia. Inspired by Poker, Teen Patti is now one of the most popular games in India due to its online availability. It is also called Indian Poker. And as the name suggests, each player in the game receives three cards based upon which the winner is decided. By following a set of rules and strategies, one can manage to earn well through this game.

As 3 Patti involves playing with just three cards at a time, it is shorter than playing rummy. Teen Patti is played using the deck of 52 cards, out of which three cards are distributed to every player. And whoever wins the game, wins the cash from the pot. Teen Patti cash game online is a mastery of skills & well-defined rules. However, luck plays a significant role in winning this game.

Is Poker & Teen Patti Cash Game online Same?

Teen Patti is a game inspired by the internationally played game poker. Despite many similarities, there are different tricks & techniques required to play this game. Both the games need a high skill set & strategy techniques to master & win easily.
However, the fundamental difference between both games is that Teen Patti needs luck much more than Poker. And in Teen Patti, each player deals with only three cards facing downward. And this is where the luck factor comes into play.
The poker game falls into more of guessing & probability, whereas Teen Patti can be figured out via calculation & summarization.

Teen Patti Cash Game Online Play Rules

Here are simple steps that will help you play Teen Patti:

Step 1: Selecting a dealer

First, cards are drawn to select who will begin the dealing. Whoever draws the highest card gets an honor.

Step 2: Deciding the minimum bet amount

Here, a minimum amount is decided based on the player’s worth. Every player must put the minimum amount in the pot.

Step 3: Distributing the cards

Every player gets three cards one by one, which are kept facing downwards on the table. The cards are distributed clockwise.

Step 4: Starting to play

The game begins with the first player. He is given a choice to choose ‘Seen’ or ‘Blind.’ If the first player chooses Blind, he can decide to fold, raise the bet or double it. And if the player chooses to be seen, he can fold, double the chance, or make it 4 times.

Step 5: Keep playing

All the players will play similarly in a clockwise direction. Everyone is given an option to either fold, raise, or call Blind or Seen.
This play continues until the time there are only two players left in the game. Here at this moment, one player chooses for the Side Show. And whoever has the highest rank of cards wins the game. If a tie happens, the player who called for a side-show loses.

Terms Used in Teen Patti Cash Game Online

While playing Teen Patti, you might come across different terminologies. Hence to simplify your queries, here are descriptions of concepts used in Teen Patti.

Pot money

A pot is kept at the table to bet the money from every player. Before every game begins, a minimum bet amount is decided among the players. And that minimum amount is put in after every round. The player that wins the game takes away all the money


Playing blind in Teen Patti means the player can’t see their cards, and the cards remain facing downwards on the table. However, if a player begins the game by playing Blind, then they can play as ‘Seen’ in later stages of the game.
If the player has faith in luck, a larger amount can be put into a bet. However, the bet amount can be small if someone wants to play safely without risks.


When the cards are received, every player is given two options; Either blind or Seen. If the player chooses ‘Seen,’ the player can see the cards & play accordingly.


If any player has seen the cards, he can ask for a sideshow from the previous player. The previous player would be the one who placed the last bet. Sideshows are also called back shows or compromises. However, sideshows are only allowed when no player is playing.

The last bet player can either accept the request or decline to show the cards. If the player accepts a sideshow, then the cars for two respective players will be compared. And the one with the lowest card rank must fold them immediately.
If the sideshow is rejected, the player must bet to stay in the game or fold the cards.

Ranking of cards

Whenever the cards are compared, the highest or lowest rank is decided on the basis of some pre-set rules. You can read the 3 patti rules chart. The main objective of Teen Patti is to get the best three cards in hand. And the best combination is decided as follows:

– Three of a kind

All three cards should be the same; hence three ace cards would be the highest compared to three twos.

– Straight flush

This combination is called a pure sequence. Means the three consecutive cards should be from the same suit. Some valid combinations from highest to lowest might be A-K-Q, A-3-4, K-Q-J, and Q-J-5.

– Straight

This combination is also called a sequence. Here all the three cards may not be from the same suit as in Straight flush, and the straight is also referred to as round or sequence.

– Flush

Here all the three cards are from the same suit. If two players flush, the one with the highest cards wins. And in the next match, the cards are compared to the next successive player.

– Pair (Double)

Here two cards out of three are of the same rank. And when compared in two pairs, the one with a higher value wins the game. And if the two cards have the same value, then the third value card decides the winner.

– No pair (high card)

If two players in the game have the same high card, the other cards are compared based on their values.


Teen Patti is an Indian-origin game inspired by internationally played Poker. Teen Patti has a wide reach of popularity amongst Asian countries & now due to digital escalation, Teen Patti is available online for many people to play. If played with due rules & strategies, it serves as a great mental exercise & fun money-making game.

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